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Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania 2021

0216. Christian funerary inscription

Description: The left half of a marble panel (surviving width, w: 0.26 x h: 0.25 x d: 0.018).
Text: Inscribed within a tabella ansata.
Letters: Fourth century CE 0.04-0.045; uncial U.

Date: Fourth century CE (lettering)

Findspot: Sabratha: Catacomb to the E of the Theatre.
Original location: Unknown
Last recorded location: Sabratha Museum.


Bonae [memori-]
ae Nu[c. 2 - 3 bix-]
it anni[s ---]


AENU[c. 2 - 3...-]

2: Perhaps Nur[---]

English translation

Translation by: J. M. Reynolds

Of good memory, Nu[---] who lived [---] years [---]

Bibliography: IRT, 1952, 216, whence IRT, 2009, 216, whence EDH 059192; for BSR images see BSR Digital Collections..


   Fig. 1. Ward-Perkins Archive, BSR (Sopr. DS 857 Leica)