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Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania 2021

0826. Funerary text

Description: Wedge-shaped slab of marble (w: 0.17 x h: 0.26 x d: 0.44, broken at the top).
Text: Inscribed on one face.
Letters: Irregular capitals: 0.025-0.03.

Date: First-fourth centuries CE

Findspot: Lepcis Magna: Forum Severianum.
Original location: Unknown
Last recorded location: Lepcis Museum.


Ṣịḍẹṇ f̣ẹ-
la luia Ocle-
s fela uia
Oces esrim
5XX ((leaf))



English translation

Translation source: Elmayer, 1997

Sid(d)en made this stele for her brother Ocles, she made it (jointly with) her brother Oces (aged) XX (years)

English translation

Translation source: Kerr, 2010

Stiden made for her brother Ocles, she made (scil. for) her brother Oces, twenty, 20

Bibliography: Relazioni di Scavo 21.1.28; IRT, 1952, 826, without transcription, whence Elmayer, 1997, 3, IRT, 2009, 826, whence EDH 059677; this edition Kerr, 2010, 204 (where see bibliography); for BSR images see BSR Digital Collections.


   Fig. 1. Ward-Perkins, 1948 (Ward-Perkins Archive, BSR 48.XVII.11)

   Fig. 2. Sketch from a squeeze (from IRT p. 194)