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Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania 2021

1120. Boundary marker

Description: Limestone panel w: 0.18-0.55 x h: 0.32-0.37 x d: ?
Text: Inscribed on the face.
Letters: Line 2, 0.038; lines 3-8, 0.02-0.025; triangular stop

Date: 74 CE: GODOT (internal date)

Findspot: Jabal Tarhunah: Ras el-Halga
Original location: Findspot
Last recorded location: Tripoli Castle


Ẹx̣ [auctoritate]
[I]mp(eratoris) ((stop)) Ueṣ[pasiani Cae-]
saris ((stop)) Aug(usti) ((stop)) p(atris) ((stop)) p(atriae) ((stop)) pọ[nt](ificis) [max(imi) trib(unicia)]
potest(ate) ((stop)) V ((stop)) Imp(eratoris) ((stop)) XIII ((stop)) c̣[o](n)s(ulis) V [desig(nati) VI]
5Q(uintus) ((stop)) Iulius ((stop)) Cordinus ((stop)) [C(aius) Rutilius Galli-]
cus ((stop)) leg(atus) ((stop)) Aug(usti) ((stop)) pro [pr(aetore) co(n)s(ul) pont(ifex)]
limitem ((stop)) inter ((stop)) Le[pcitanos et Oeen-]
ṣẹṣ ((stop)) derexit (sic)
Lepcitạṇ[i? pub(lice) pos(uerunt)?]


[.]MP UE.[..........-]
SARIS AUG P P P.[.........]
POTEST V IMP XIII .[.]SV[.......]
5Q IULIUS CORDINUS [..............-]
CUS LEG AUG PRO[.........]
LIMITEM INTER LE[..............-]
... DEREXIT(sic)

English translation

Translation by: Charlotte Roueché

On the [authority] of Emperor Vespasian Caesar, Augustus, father of the country, high priest, holding tribunician power for the 5th time, acclaimed victor for the 13th time, consul for the 5th time, ]designated for the 6th time]: Quintus Julius Cordinus [Caius Rutilius Galli]cus propraetorian legate of Augustus, [consul, priest], determined the boundary between the people of Lepcis [and the people of Oea]. The people of Lepcis [placed this at public expense?]


Compare 1107.

Q Iulius Cordinus C. Rutilius Gallicus: PIR R 0248, https://pir.bbaw.de/id/7447

Bibliography: Di Vita-Évrard, 1979 4, pp.78-81, whence AE 1979.649, EDH 008548


None available (2021).