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Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania 2021

1168. Christian funerary text (Ain Zara cemetery)

Description: Tomb of rubble, with a plaster surface, the largest and most complete of the group; w: 2.65 x h: 0.39 x d: 1.05, supported on a plinth w: 0.21-0.24.
Text: Carefully incised on the south face with slight traces of rubrication: there is a double line incised and painted between the lines.
Letters: No measurements

Date: Fifth-sixth century CE (context, lettering)

Findspot: Tripoli: Ain Zara, cemetery, Tomb 28.
Original location: Findspot
Last recorded location: Findspot (1911-1914)


((crux)) Iṇ ọḳ tuṃ<u>lọ ịạḳẹ[t c. 10]
[c. 4]I B[on?]ifati qui fuerạṭ suị[s amabilis?]
[c. 4] p̣ẹḳ[t]ọre karus quem a{n}tra dies absṭ[u]ḷị[t].
bixit in paḳẹ p̣ḷus miṇus anos XXVIII. Rekessịṭ
5de ok sekulo die XXIII m(ensis) Maiụs indiktio VIII
Requiem eternam de<t> tibi D(omi)n(u)s.



English translation

Translation by: Charlotte Roueché

In this grave lies [the body] of Bonifatius, who was [lovable to his own] dear in heart, whom a black day took away. He lived in peace for more or less 28 years; he left this world on day 23 of the month May, indiction 8. May the Lord grant you rest eternal.

Bibliography: Aurigemma, 1932, 28 and fig.68; mentioned and indexed IRT, 1952, 261, whence mentioned IRT, 2009, 261


   Fig. 1. Drawing (Luigi Turba)