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Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania 2021

0262. Christian funerary texts


Christian cemetery among the sand-dunes at en-Ngila (map ref. L 410550) 18 km. SSW of Tripoli, near Suani Ben Adem; There is no record of any associated structure. The cemetery was described by Romanelli (1915) and the texts published by Paribeni in 1927; they were re-examined by Bartoccini, in an article published in 1977, after his death. The cemetery was re-examined in 1971 by a team from the University of Bologna. The tombs are similar in structure to those at Ain Zara, but the inscriptions, most of which are dated, are of the later tenth or early 11th century. The texts were not included in IRT 1952: they are published here at 1201-1215.