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Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania 2021

0466. Dedication to ?Constantius I as Caesar

Description: Moulded base (w: 0.60 x h: 1.35 x d: 0.60; height incomplete.) of brown limestone, much damaged.
Text: Inscribed on one face within a recessed panel (die, w: 0.43).
Letters: Fourth century CE capitals: 0.04.

Date: 1 March 293 -1 May 305. (reign)

Findspot: Lepcis Magna: Forum Severianum, East end.
Original location: Unknown
Last recorded location: Findspot


[Fortissimo ac?]
[nobilissi]ṃo Caesari
[Flauio U]alerio Constan-
[c. 3 - 4] Lepcitani
5 [de]uoti numini maies-
tatique eius publice


[c. 3 - 4]LEPCITANI

1: Left blank IRT, 1952

English translation

Translation by: J. M. Reynolds

[---]to [the most noble] Caesar, [Flavius] Valerius Constan[t---]; the Lepcitanians, devoted to his divine power and majesty, (scil. set this up) publicly.

Italian translation

Translation source: Tantillo-Bigi, 2010

. . . al nobilissimo Cesare, Flavio Valerio Costanzo (?), i Leptitani, devoti al suo nume e alla sua maestà, a spese pubbliche.

English translation

Translation source: LSA, 2012

To the most powerful and most noble Caesar, Flavius Valerius Constantius; the people of Lepcis (Lepcitani), devoted to his divine spirit and majesty, [set this up] with public funds.


Most probably Constantius I, Caesar 293-305; less likely, Constantine I, Caesar 306-307.

Bibliography: IRT, 1952, 466, whence IRT, 2009, 466; Tantillo-Bigi, 2010, 2, LSA, 2012, 2148 (Tantillo and Bigi), EDH (Bigi, 2014) 059365; for BSR images see BSR Digital Collections.


   Fig. 1. Ward-Perkins Archive, BSR (Sopr. DLM 229)

   Fig. 2. Face, view: Tantillo (2008)

   Fig. 3. Face, drawing: Bigi (2009)

   Fig. 4. Face, detail: Tantillo (2008)

   Fig. 5. Right side: Tantillo (2008)

   Fig. 6. Left side and face: Tantillo (2008)

   Fig. 7. Top: Tantillo (2008)