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Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania 2021

0537. Building inscription by Q. Pomponius Rufus

Description: Five blocks (each, height. 0.52; together, total length, 4.04) of grey limestone, comprising the greater part of an inscription which stood on the South West face of the arch of Trajan; see also 353, 523.
Text: Inscribed on one face; there is a cornice moulding above the inscription.
Letters: Lapidary capitals: line 1, 0.08; line 2, 0.06; line 3, 0.05.

Date: 109-110 CE (proconsulate)

Findspot: Lepcis Magna: Cardo Maximus, Arch of Trajan. On the South West face, across the Main Street at the angle of Regio IV, , insulae 2 and 3, and Regio V, insulae 1 and 3.
Original location: Unknown
Last recorded location: Findspot


Q(uintus) Pomponius Rufus co(n)s(ul) pont(ifex) sodal(is) Fla(uialis) cur(ator) oper(um) publicor(um) leg(atus) Aug(usti)
pro pr(aetore) prouinc(iarum) [M]oesiae Dalmat(iae) Hisp(aniae) leg(atus) leg(ionis) V prae(fectus) orae marit(imae) Hispan(iae) Citer(ioris) Gallia[e]
N[a]rbon(ensis) bello qu[od] imp(erator) G[a]lba pro [rep(ublica)] gessit proco(n)s(ul) prouinc(iae) Africae per L(ucium) Asinium Ru[fum]
[leg(atum) p]ro [pr(aetore) ---]



1: Fla(uialis) : or flamen There is a space after sodal(is).

English translation

Translation by: J. M. Reynolds

Quintus Pomponius Rufus, consul, priest, member of the priestly college for cult of the Flavians, curator of public works, imperial legate with propraetorian powers in the provinces of Moesia, Dalmatia and Hispania, commander of Legion Five, prefect of the coasts of nearer Spain, and Gallia Narbonensis in the war which Emperor Galba fought for the [Republic], proconsul of the province of Africa, through the agency of Lucius Asinius Rufus, propraetorian legate [---]


Q. Pomponius Rufus: PIR P 0749, https://pir.bbaw.de/id/10845

Line 3. L. Asinius Rufus. Perhaps PIR A 1248, https://pir.bbaw.de/id/2144 or PIR A 1250. https://pir.bbaw.de/id/2144

Bibliography: First two blocks: Delaporte, 1836 7-8, whence CIL VIII, 1881 13; CIL VIII, suppl.4, 1916 22670, line 6-10; Romanelli, 1940, 99 ff., figs. 10-11, whence AE 1948:3; ILS 1014; Guey, 1951 , whence AE 1952, page 36; IRT, 1952, 537, whence IRT, 2009, 537, whence EDH 019665; for BSR images see BSR Digital Collections.


   Fig. 1. Ward-Perkins Archive, BSR (Sopr. CLM 932)

   Fig. 2. Ward-Perkins Archive, BSR (Sopr. CLM 930)