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Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania 2021

0580. Fragmentarry building? inscription

Description: a:The right-hand side of a marble panel (w: 0.47 x h: 0.57 x d: 0.02). b: Fragment of a marble panel (w: 0.15 x h: 0.13 x d: 0.04, no edges surviving).
Text: Inscribed on one face. There is a formal spray incised, below the text.
Letters: Fourth century CE capitals: 0.06.

Date: Fourth century CE (lettering)

Findspot: Lepcis Magna: Regio II, a: Hadrianic Baths ; b: Theatre
Original location: Unknown
Last recorded location: Lepcis Museum


[---therm?]as SA[--- inc]uria ad squa-
[lorem ---]RIA[--- i]n splendorem
[pristinum? F]l(auius) Ar[---u(ir) p(erfectissimus)] praeses proui-
[nciae Trip]olita[nae --- restituit? ex]coluit dedicauit
5[---et populi red]didit uoluptati
[---] ((palm)) ((stop))



English translation

Translation by: J. M. Reynolds

a: [---] the meeting-house of the city-council [fallen?] into a damaged condition [---restored?] to splendour [---] the governor of the province [of Tripolitania---] he concerned himself with and dedicated [---] to pleasure.

b: [---the province of] Tripolitania [---]

Italian translation

Translation source: Tantillo-Bigi, 2010

. . . le Terme Sa . . . per l’incuria (?) ridotte allo squallore . . . allo splendore . . . Flavius Ar... governatore della Prouincia di Tripolitania, restaurò?, abbellì, dedicò  . . . e restituì al godimento dei cittadini (?)


The text assembled by Bigi and Tantillo from two published items and two further fragments.

Bibliography: Right hand fragment: Relazioni di Scavo 22.1.27; IRT, 1952, 580, whence IRT, 2009, 580; Central left hand fragment: IRT, 1952, 653, whence IRT, 2009, 653; combined, with two further fragments, Tantillo-Bigi, 2010, 75, whence AE 2010.1783 EDH (Bigi, 2014) 059440; for BSR images see BSR Digital Collections..


   Fig. 1. Fragments assembled, drawing: Bigi (2009)

   Fig. 2. Assembled pieces: Tantillo (2004)

   Fig. 3. Assembled pieces: Tantillo, 2005 (DSCN1681)

   Fig. 4. Right hand fragment: Ward-Perkins, 1948 (Ward-Perkins Archive, BSR 48.XXII.25)

   Fig. 5. Right hand fragment: Tantillo (2004)