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Inscriptions of Roman Tripolitania 2021

0721. Fragmentary building inscription for a funerary monument

Description: No description.
Text: No description.
Letters: No description

Date: First to third centuries CE (nomenclature)

Findspot: Lepcis Magna: seen and described by several travellers between 1803 and 1845.
Original location: Unknown
Last recorded location: Findspot (1845)


[---]s P(ubli) Lucreti Rogatiani fil(ius)
[--- monumentum] quod opere signino pater
[--- f]ecerat sibi posterisq(ue) suis
[--- restit]uit et a fundamento erexit
5 [--- ex] (sestertiis) LXXX milib(us) n(ummum)


5[---..] 𐆘 LXXXMILIBN

English translation

Translation by: J. M. Reynolds

[---]s, son of Publius Lucretius Rogatianus [---] the [monument] in opus signinum which his father [---] had made for himself and his descendants [---] he restored and erected from the foundations [---] at a cost of eighty thousand sesterces.


Line 1. P. Lucretius Rogatianus. See also 720, line 5-6.

Bibliography: Delaporte, 1836 23, whence CIL VIII, 1881 21 and p.979, and cf. CIL VIII suppl.1, 1891. 10995; IRT, 1952, 721, whence IRT, 2009, 721, whence EDH 059570


   Fig. 1. Transcription by Delaporte (from MDZ)